Jason Vitamin E Oil Review

I recently became curious about vitamin E oil and decided to add some to my beauty routine. I picked up a bottle of Jason Vitamin E Oil 45000 IU.

Whenever somebody mentions vitamin E oil, I always imagine taking vitamins by mouth. Maybe just like taking fish oil, you would take your vitamin E oil. But that isn’t accurate at all.

We are not discussing a dietary supplement, but rather an actual oil that you can put directly onto your skin. The oil is derived from vitamin E but is used very differently.

Why Vitamin E Oil?

You can take vitamin E orally. These supplements complement what is a nutrient naturally found in some foods. Most people get enough vitamin E from their diets; it is found in meat, leafy greens, peanuts, and almonds.

Uses & Benefits

Vitamin E contains antioxidants. Antioxidants are elements that can protect and defend your cells from damage done by free radicals. Without getting too technical, free radicals can cause illness and aging.

When an antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, it prevents cell damage. Vitamin E can act as a nutrient to help your cells regenerate.

Many cosmetics contain vitamin E oil, primarily anti-aging products. It is also commonly found in moisturizers, eye creams, cuticle oils, hair products, and serums.

All Are Not Equal

As an oil, vitamin E is sold in different concentrations. Jason brand oils come in four different concentrations, labeled as IU. IU means International Unit; it is a standard of measurement in vitamins. The higher the number, the higher the vitamin content.

Jason Vitamin E Oil – 5000 IU

Jason Vitamin E Oil 5000 IUJason Vitamin E Oil has 5000 IU, therefore, has the lowest content of vitamin E. This is intended as an all-over body oil, for moisturizing.

It contains 5 essential oils: almond, apricot, avocado, sunflower, and wheat germ. As you might guess, it smells amazing. It can be useful for targeting dry spots directly or can be added to lotion for an extra moisture boost.

Jason Vitamin E Oil – 14000 IU

Jason Vitamin E Oil 14000 IUJason Vitamin E Oil – 14000 IU is thicker, with a consistency like honey. It is only vitamin E and avocado oils.

It is designed to condition especially dry patches and can even target cuticles and rough heels. Since it is very concentrated you only need a very little amount.

Jason Vitamin E Oil – 32000 IU

Jason Vitamin E Oil 32000 IUThe next level up in concentration is Jason Vitamin E Oil – 32000 IU. This is of extra strength. The higher concentration of vitamins here means more antioxidants, which means it is more healing. This oil is good for diminishing scars and stretch marks.

Jason Vitamin E Oil – 45000 IU

Jason Vitamin E Oil 45000 IUThe most concentrated of all the Jason oils is 45000 IU. This extra strength oil is primarily intended as a facial treatment, to target fine lines and wrinkles.

It contains 7 essential oils, including black currant, evening primrose, macadamia nut, and borage. It also smells heavenly.

Benefits of Jason Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil can boast of many benefits. Because it is an antioxidant it promotes healing at the cellular level. This means that you do not need to ingest it to reap its rewards. You can experience its healing benefits when it is applied topically.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits

Fights Wrinkles

In fact, many skin and nail products use vitamin E as an active ingredient. One of the most common uses for vitamin E oil is to fight wrinkles. This is why so many facial moisturizers boast of it in their ingredients.

Provides Skin Elasticity

It boosts collagen production, which results in greater skin elasticity. When your skin is more elastic it can retain its original, smooth form. Vitamin E oil may also encourage new skin cell growth, also affecting wrinkles.

Moisturizing Effect

Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory properties. This can be tremendous for your skin. If your skin is easily irritated and gets red, then vitamin E oil can help calm your angry skin.

It hydrates it at the same time, which adds a soothing effect on top of keeping your skin healthy. Hydrated skin is healthy and happy skin. You will see fewer fine lines, your skin will seem to almost glow.

Vitamin E Oil Face Benefits

That isn’t just a saying, either. When skin is hydrated you will also notice that the skin tone is more even, reducing any dullness in the skin color.

Scars and Dark Spots Removal

Some people also say that by using vitamin E oil they have been able to reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots on their skin.

There is no research to back this up, but this is a long-standing home remedy. I would suppose that the intense moisturizing factor of the oil would be behind the success rate for this.

Stretch Marks Removal

There has also anecdotal evidence that suggests that using vitamin E can reduce or prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks

Because of the properties in vitamin E oil that help promote skin elasticity, stretch marks would seem to be a natural enemy of this moisturizing oil. In fact, many of the fancy moisturizers that you will see being marketed to pregnant women contain vitamin E.

Jason Vitamin E Oil Review

I have oily skin. Like, shiny-all-day oily. Most face lotions make me break out, so I must use them sparingly.

I break out in a slight sweat every time I try a new facial product just worrying about what my complexion might look like in a couple of days. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had trouble making my skin feel balanced. Even chest creams make my chest blotchy.

I was a little nervous about applying even more oil to my face. It just seemed counterintuitive. Would I just be oversaturating my face? I worried my skin might break out, but that did not happen!

The Results

My face feels just a bit softer these days, though I admit no less oily. This serum is seriously thick. Not only is it super thick, but it is also quite sticky. Some people are turned off by how gooey it is, but I don’t mind it.

Jason Vitamin E oil is sticky

Obviously, I would not want to put it on my face right before I head out for the day; it is something that should probably only be applied at night. It, fortunately, soaks in rather quickly, so if you apply it a half-hour or so before bed you don’t need to worry about a sticky mess on your pillow.

By the time you turn in for the night, your face has absorbed the solution. You may, however, want to give your significant other a heads up. It might be alarming to see that you have a super shiny, sticky face for a few minutes each night.

This stuff works quickly. Most users claim that they have seen results within 2 weeks. I suppose that much of that is also thanks to how thick this solution is.

The higher vitamin E content in this oil makes it very concentrated. It is like you are bombarding your face with nutrients; by turning up the vitamin level it is getting to work more quickly for you.

Applying It On Different Body Areas

Even though this concentration of vitamin E oil is meant for your face, it can benefit other areas as well! My heels tend to get very dry and cracked. I moisturize them and use a pumice stone but never saw any improvement.

I thought I might as well experiment with Jason Vitamin E Oil on my feet. After all, it made my face and skin feel so soft. So far, I am noticing that my feet are a bit softer.

Skin application

The skin is still rough, but my heels don’t feel like sandpaper anymore. In fact, I’m going to keep using the oil on them to see if they continue to improve.

I have also added a bit on my cuticles here and there; frankly, this oil smells so good that I am happy to put it anywhere.

Jason Vitamin E Oil for Hair

I have heard that if I add a little bit of vitamin E oil to my hair that it will look soft and shiny. As I stated earlier, Jason Vitamin E Oil 45000 IU is super thick with a bit of stickiness.

This particular concentration may not be the right one to be putting in your hair, though. That is fine on your face, especially when it is going to work itself into your skin.

However, all this will do to your hair is make it a bit gooey. This is one area that I don’t recommend trying out! Use the 5000 IU oil variation instead.

Final Words

No matter what you are using it for, a little bit of Jason Vitamin E Oil 45000 IU goes a very long way. You only need just a small amount. Its thick consistency spreads easily as it gets absorbed.

One bottle will last you for a long time. That really helps add to the feeling you are getting a great bargain for one bottle that can do so much!

Jason E oil is generally safe for most skin types, even sensitive or oily, like mine. Acne-prone complexions may not be suitable for such a thick oil that may clog pores and cause breakouts.

Jason Vitamin E Oil Review

Jason Vitamin E Oil 45000 IU is compatible with most other skin types and is not likely to cause a reaction.

Of course, you should always do a patch test before using any new skincare product. Vitamin E allergies are extremely rare, though possible.

I will keep using this product each night. I don’t mind giving the oil a little extra time to absorb into my skin. Besides, I really like feeling that my skin is getting a treat each night while I sleep.

As my skin ages, I know that I need to step up my moisturizing game, and this feels like the next logical step. I’m never sure my regular, daytime lotions keep working through the day.

With Jason Vitamin E Oil 45000 IU, I know I’m benefiting from long-lasting moisture.

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  1. Chris Reply

    Please tell me if I can put vit. E oil right around my eyes without causing irritation. My eyes are very sensitive. Thank you

    • beautyofe Post authorReply

      Yes, you can use vitamin e oil around the eyes. In fact, there are many vitamin e oil creams that have tremendous benefits for your skin around the eyes. Read here for more!

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