Vitamin E Oil Benefits

In our quest to constantly look beautiful and young, most of us expend our money and time on dear salon treatments and costly appointments with the dermatologist. Only if people knew the vitamin E oil benefits.

Some of us who are so desperate to look like our favorite celebrities often follow their diets and beauty regimes. Unfortunately, most times such routes only lead to a dead end. In reality, there are many simple ways we can solve our skin and hair problems without breaking our bank rolls. One of them is by using vitamin E Oil.

Due to its antioxidant and moisturizing properties, vitamin E oil offers a lot of beauty benefits. It mainly finds application in the following areas:

  • Hair: enhances hair growth and repairs damages hair and good for babies hair.
  • Skin: helps skin care, scars and stretch marks removal.
  • Face: as an anti-aging product or for wrinkles and acne removal.
  • Eyes: encourage eyelashes growth, helps eye wrinkles, bags and dark circles removal.
  • Lips: helps dry mouth and lightens dark lips.
  • Nails: improves nail growth.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits

Let’s delve into each of these Vitamin E oil benefits:

Vitamin E Oil Benefits For Skin

Aids Skin Care

One of the most important Vitamin E oil benefits. Exposure to UV radiation is the predominant cause of ill-skin health. Free radicals are formed as the oxygen molecules in the skin cells are incited by the light that passes through the pores of the skin.

While oxygen itself is essential for survival, the formation of free radicals may pose a serious challenge to our health. This is because these radicals are toxic and readily attacks vital molecules in the body.

Vitamin E Oil Skin Care Benefits

One of such molecules is collagen, a glycoprotein found in the skin. The presence of collagen in the skin is what makes the skin to look young and smooth. When it is depleted by the free radicals formed as a result of the effect of UV radiation, the skin will begin to age faster than normal. Under this condition, skin problems like wrinkles, age spots and discoloration begins to arise. At worse, this can lead to skin cancer.

Using vitamin E oil can highly mitigate the effect of UV radiation. It reduces the formation of free radicals in the body. You can think of it as a battalion. It deals with all the assaults directed to the skin as a result of stress and the environment. It is unarguably one of the best treatments for the skin so far.

Helps Scars and Stretch Marks Removal

Besides aging, a damaged collagen molecule can also contribute to stretch marks. Especially during weight loss or in pregnant women as their belly starts expanding. Thus, it is very common to use vitamin E oil for treating stretch marks and grow new skill cells in the area affected.

Vitamin E Oil for Stretch Marks

The best vitamin E oil can also help to reduce the appearance of scars or remove them completely. These may be scars caused by burns, bruises, acne and so on. Applying vitamin E oil can get rid of the scar tissue by reducing the formation of free radicals which make it difficult for the scars to heal.

Moisturizes the Skin

If properly used, vitamin E oil act more than just a daily moisturizer for the skin. Due to its antioxidant property, it can reverse the premature ageing of the skin. It is able to accomplish this by neutralizing the free radicals generated due to the exposure of the skin to UV light.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits For Face

Helps Anti-Aging and Face Care

Most people who have this product as part of their beauty regime can attest to the numerous vitamin E oil benefits it offers. This explains why it’s found in many skin care products, ranging from face creams to moisturizers. It is a common ingredient used in the beauty industry to reduce the effect of natural ageing in order to achieve a smoother and younger complexion.

Vitamin E Oil Face Care Benefits

Due to its high dosage of antioxidants, vitamin E oil is generally regarded as one of the best oil available for the face. It helps to counter the formation of free radicals which damage the face skin giving it a leathery feel. This gives the face skin a smooth texture and allows it stay beautiful for a longer time.

One of the common uses of vitamin E for the face is in the treatment of sunburns caused by ultraviolet radiation. When applied to the affected to the area, the oil helps to soothe the sunburn and blend it with the normal skin coloration.

Cleans Face Wrinkles

Using vitamin E oil on the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by ageing, stress and pollution. Again this is because of its antioxidant properties which helps to prevent free radicals from building up.

Remove Face Wrinkles with Vitamin E Oil

Helps Face Scars Removal

Additionally, Vitamin E is commonly used in facial creams to help improve ugly scars resulting from acne. However, using pure vitamin E oil has proven to be a more effective remedy as it has the ability to completely eliminate the acne scars and restore the affected region to the normal skin complexion.

The use of vitamin E oil is preferred is generally preferred to the use of medical procedures such as face lifts and Botox which often poses some health risks.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil for Face

In its pure form, Vitamin E oil can be put into many uses and may be applied directly to the skin in liquid form or consumed in the form of capsules. To increase its effectiveness, it is often applied on the face overnight.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Hair

Enhances Hair Growth

Hair loss (or Alopecia) is often a reflection of poor hair health, which happens when we starve the hair of the nutrients it needs to grow and remain in shape. There are several minerals and vitamins required by our hair for full growth and normal health. Some of these nutrients are commonly found in the food we eat while some are found in various topical products.

Hair Growth with Vitamin E oil

The use of vitamin E oil offers an effective way to nourish and repair broken hair and also promote growth. When properly applied to the hair along with a healthy diet plan, vitamin E oil offers numerous benefits for the hair.

Repairs Damaged Hair

When applied to the scalp, vitamin E oil helps to repair damaged follicles and also reduce inflammation and irritation. It provides deep conditioning which gives the hair a natural shine and help it remain healthy.

One of the most common uses of vitamin E oil for the hair is to promote hair growth and prevent split ends and hair breakage that result rough hair or the frequent use of hair styling tools and colors. When abundantly applied, the oil holds the hair moisture together and prevent the hair from breaking or splitting.

Vitamin E Oil for Hair Repair

Another benefit of messaging the scalp with vitamin E oil is to improve blood circulation in the area. This helps to keep the scalp healthy and also protect it from various infections.

Normalizes Scalp PH Level

Additionally, using the best vitamin E oil can help normalize natural oil production on the scalp as well as its pH level. This in turn controls the way the sebaceous glands release sebum, thus preventing a situation where the oil on the scalp is too much or too low. Too much natural oil does not only cause greasy hair, it also attracts germs and infections. In worst cases, this can lead to hair loss or baldness.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Eyes

Removes Dark Circles

When it comes to the beauty walk, there’s nothing more frustrating than having dark circles under the eye that just won’t go away. It doesn’t only make us look older than our age, but also less attractive. This explains why there are so many eye beauty products on the counter.

Vitamin E oil dark circles treatment

Eyeliners, make-ups, mascara, and even artificial eye lashes are just some of them. These products are often used to make the eyes more attractive in order to enhance the appearance of the face. Unfortunately, when it comes to dark circles, most of these products are often ineffective.

Heals Eye Bags

Vitamin E oil has been discovered to offer a lasting remedy to eye bags. This is because it has special ingredients that have proven to be effective in getting rid of dark rings around the eye making the face smooth and more attractive.

Many people believe dark spots are hereditary. However, there’s no evidence to back up this claim. Sometimes lifestyle habit such as lack of sleep or improper feeding can be responsible. Regardless of what the reason is, it is expected to treat the problem once it is noticed before it aggravates.

The reason and the solution behind eye bags

Message the affected area with vitamin E oil without allowing it to get into the eye. It can significantly help mitigate the circles. It will improve blood circulation. Thus, eliminate the dead skin around the eye so the area can be smooth and admirable again.

The presence of eye bags is usually an indicator that skin around the eye is loose. Applying vitamin E oil can help tighten the skin in the affected area.

Stimulates Eyelashes Growth

Using vitamin E oil for eyelashes especially in women can also promote growth. For best results, the oil might be applied overnight.

It is important to keep a healthy routine when undergoing any treatment procedure that involves the use of vitamin E oil. This include but not limited to getting enough physical and mental rest, drinking a lot of water, eating well and getting a lot of sleep.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Lips

Moisturizes Dry Lips

Most people frequently have cracked or chapped lips, especially during dry weather conditions like the winter. This may constitute a dilemma especially for those who don’t like compromising their beauty.

Moisturize Dry Lips with Vitamin E Oil

While vitamin E might not promise an overnight solution, it can be very effective for lips treatments and care if used the right way. It can also be used to keep the lips hydrated even in harsh weather conditions. Though it may be used alongside other moisturizers like balm or petroleum jelly.

Protects Chapped Lips

The antioxidant properties of vitamin E oil can serve as a good protection for the lips from UV light. Like the skin, the lips is often exposed to the sun even though they contain very little melanin. If overlooked, this can easily result to ageing. However, applying vitamin E oil frequently can help prevent this from happening.

How to Use Vitamin E Oil for Lips

Applying vitamin E oil directly to the dry lips can speed up the healing process. It is also advised to continue using the treatment mildly even after the lips is restored in order to avoid re-occurrence. Like we mentioned earlier, using the oil and other moisturizing products is the usually the way to go.

Lightens Dark Lips

Another benefit of vitamin E oil for the lips can also seen in removing the dark coloration of the lips. This is because of its enlightening effect. Using vitamin E oil for dark lips is already a common remedy known for its effectiveness.

Vitamin E Oil Lightens Dark Lips

Additionally, the best vitamin E oil for lips may also serve as a miracle solution for lips reddening and softening. It is generally believed that red lips is an indicator of sound health. Again this is just an assertion.

Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Nails

Straights Weak Nails

A cold dry weather or occasionally wet hands can easily result to dry weak nails. Growing the nails under such condition can be a pain because you know they would surely break or crack. Even if you do paint them to cover their yellowish color, the problem will only degenerate because the paint will only make them weaker.

The use of Vitamin E oil for the nails offers a natural solution to the problems above and even more. When directly applied on the nail beds, it can greatly improve the nail health over the period of time it is being used.

Nails Protection

One of the common uses of vitamin E oil for the nails is to protect them from ageing and maintain their normal color. This is not surprising considering the fact that the oil also has the same effect on the skin.

Like the skin, vitamin E oil can also serve as a natural moisturizer for the nails. In this case, it helps to heal dry nails and also strengthen brittle ones. People with damaged cuticles and nails caused by constant use of nail polish or acetone may also benefit from applying the oil.

Using vitamin E oil for nails and cuticles also helps to improve blood circulation in the region which in turn strengthens the nails.

Improves Nail Growth

Another incredible benefit of vitamin E oil is in the area of nail growth. Using the best vitamin E capsule for nail growth is a good way horn long beautiful nails especially if you’re a lady.

Vitamin E Oil improves nail growth

Additionally, due to its antioxidant and regenerative properties, vitamin oil has also proven to be an effective remedy for treating nail fungus. It is mostly applied in its concentrated form to treat various fungus infections.

Final Words

Vitamin E oil benefits are huge. It is due to its antioxidant and moisturizing nature that makes it healthy and necessary for our skin.

Don’t forget to test it first. Do it by using a few drops on your skin to test how it reacts with your body. Wait for several hours to see if there’s any side reaction.